4 Terra-ific Upcycled Terrariums

Learn how to make these fantastic DIY terrariums, and then explore some other P&G everyday ideas for indoor decor this season.

A terrarium is its own little ecosystem of plants, dirt and whatever decorations you want to include. You can easily turn any old glass containers – Mason jars, vases, mugs and teacups, abandoned aquariums – into a biome for low-maintenance plants.

A living, thriving garden is a simple centerpiece, not to mention a unique conversation starter. When choosing your container, look for something that’s practical yet pretty. You’ll be using small plants that thrive in high humidity and don’t require a lot of sun. When you go to the nursery or garden center to pick up your materials, talk to an employee about what kinds of plants might work best.



1. The Modern Terrarium

Large glass container
Pebbles, coarse sand or pea gravel
Activated charcoal
Peat moss
Quality potting soil
Various small plants
Sticks, stones or other decorations

1. Place a 1-3 inch layer of pebbles or pea gravel at the bottom of your container
2. Add a thin layer of the activated charcoal, and then add a layer of peat moss
3. On top of the charcoal and moss, add a layer of potting soil
4. Dig small holes in the soil for each plant to live and place the plants in the soil (away from the sides is best)
5. Add your landscaping features – sticks, stones, plastic figurines, etc.

Your final product will be a self-sustaining mini garden. It can go weeks without watering – just a light misting is all that’s needed.



2. Picture Frame Terrarium

If you don’t have any old glass containers lying around, or just want to try something from scratch, we’ve got another option for you. With a few simple picture frames, you can build your own terrarium for any potted plant you want to feature.




3. Indoor Hanging Planters

These whimsical hanging planters are a great way to bring the outdoors in! By filling them with an assortment of low-maintenance succulents, they’ll need very little TLC to stay alive and look beautiful.



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